Our Industry & Brand Portfolio

Our industry

As one of the leading fast moving manufactures globally, our people (our creators the innovation team, suppliers, moving to the manufacturers and the commercial crew) are responsible for the magic behind our premium products that seduces your sense today.

Our Brand Innovation & Portfolio

Consumer satisfaction and brand innovation is at the very heart of our operations. Driven by our understanding and recognition of the needs and expectations of mass consumers, who are constantly looking for the best products and accessories possible within the most convenient reach

we have made it our business to purchase the best raw materials, place them under the best international standards both in quality and manufacturing and present to the consumers premium tobacco and tobacco molasses products and accessories at the most convenient prices.

The core of our brands portfolio is our diverse SKU’s.

We have over 8000 SKU’s in our brand portfolio but our core strength lies in our main resources “Tobacco & its accessories”.